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Why Gluten-Free Pasta

Growing Awareness of Gluten-free foods

Even People without celiac disease say their quality of life improves after leaving gluten

Gluten-free foods have Many Health benifits

Gluten-free Foods can be rich in protein and low in sugars due to ability to use healthy ingredients and super-grains.

Similar to wheat pasta

Due to unprecedented progress in production methods and quality ingredients, the sensory profile can be very similar to pasta made from wheat

Great brand potential

Multiple new successful international brands exclusively marketing gluten-free pasta and alternative rice (like chickpea rice).

Reference Products & Ingredients

Process of Engagement

Product Formulated

Pilot-plant used to try any new product formulation required by the buyer. Samples prepared and sent to the buyer

Sample Shipped

if buyer likes the samples, we move forward with small scale production at the main line

Sample Matched with Finished Product

we verified that product from mail line matches the sample provided to buyer, and ramp up production

Packaging & Logistics

Product packed and shipped in the packaging requested by buyer

Why Choose Zippy

Pilot Plant

  • Small capacity helps reduce cost for trying various formulations
  • Take quick trials and get rapid turnaround
  • Pilot plant parameters closely matched with production plant

Dedicated Production Plant

  • Process specially designed for gluten-free ingredients
  • No cross contamination and easy to get gluten-free certified

Proprietary Formulations

  • Gluten-free pasta is tricky to get right
  • Zippy can provide extensively tested formulations with superior taste, texture and appearance

Work with an expert partner

  • BRC-certified manufacturer
  • Hassle-free packaging and logistics
  • Procure other products from Zippy's wide basket of products

Other Products from Zippy

About Zippy Edibles

Zippy Edibles is a BRC Food Certificated Indian food processing business. Zippy started as a pasta manufacturer, supplying pasta and vermicelli as contract-manufactuer for companies like Walmart and Future Group. In 2020, Zippy has started manufacturing Instant Pasta and launched multiple products, both in pouches and cups. Zippy is also planning on launching Gluten-Free pasta by end of 2020. Our adherence to quality can be judged by our respectable clientele. We also export our products to various countries. Apart from this, our company is SMETA compliant.

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