Info for Pasta and Vermicelli Customers

We help our customers continually serve delightful food products in fast growing categories.

Incepted in 2015 as a Dry Pasta & Vermicelli Manufacturer, Zippy Edibles began its operations with an understanding that food brands needed a trustworthy manufacturing partner who cared for the quality of products that they would proudly like to sell in their own brand. Since then, owing to demand for innovative products and utilizing expertise in manufacturing, Zippy Edibles has extended its manufacturing capabilities to include more than 8 product lines and built up area of over 10,000 sq. mt.

For short cut Pastas and Vermicelli products, Zippy Edibles has BRC certified manufacturing facilities with an extensive range of products which are supplied to leading Indian brands and institutions, and exported to multiple countries.

Why Zippy Edibles for Private Label/Contract Manufacturing

  • Quality of product

    More details about this in Quality Section

  • Quality of service

    We have end-to-end expertise, from having product development capabilities, to having multiple pasta lines to produce multiple variants in short lead time, to helping with logistics, packing material and testing. We assist in product development, logistics and can help arrange packaging material.

  • Competitive pricing

    Our large scale manufacturing, competitive procurement, in-house milling (wherever possible, such as for gluten-free ingredients), and contracts with logistics companies for discounted rates allows us to offer competitive pricing for the quality of products offered.


For Pasta and Vermicelli products, Zippy Edibles has a manufacturing unit at Jaspur, Uttarakhand.

The facility includes the following production capabilities:

  • 60 Metric Tonnes(MT)/day of Wheat based pasta

    • Option of diverting 20MT/day to Instant Pasta Line

    • Roasters for vermicelli

  • 10MT/day of Gluten-Free Pasta Production in dedicated wheat-free facility

    • In-house roller mill for most of our Gluten-free flour needs

  • Pilot Scale extruder with capacity of around 30kgs/hour to do trials for Gluten-free, instant or regular pasta.

  • Multiple roasters for short-cut roasted vermicelli

We also have the following packaging capabilities:

  • Multiple automatic VFFS packing machines for pillow & gusset pouch

  • Automated cup packaging for instant-pasta type products

  • Semi-automatic packing for standy pouch

  • Seasonings pouch-packing machine

  • Box-packing option available


Zippy Edibles is firmly committed on quality and has the following certifications:

  • BRC certified, globally recognized food safety certification

  • SMETA 4-pillar ethical audit

  • ISO 22000

Besides these certifications, we also perform following tests for each batch of pasta and vermicelli production:

  • Raw material quality check

  • Detailed COA and spec sheet for each product once agreed upon with the customer

  • On-line checks during production such as moisture content, visual inspection etc.


For hard-wheat or durum semolina wheat pasta (single ingredient), we have a MOQ of 5 Tonnes per variant.

For specialty pasta such as instant, gluten-free or multi-ingredient pasta, the MOQ is 1 Tonne per variant. The MOQ is very important for us to provide the care and attention each customer needs. It is also based on our understanding of the competitive market conditions, and minimum commitment required including marketing from any new player to become profitable in the Pasta/Vermicelli business.

Range of Products

Private Label, Wheat based:

  • Hard-wheat semolina pasta/vermicelli

  • Durum semolina wheat pasta

  • Whole wheat pasta

  • Tri-color pasta

  • Instant Pasta

    • Ready to eat by adding hot water in 4 mins

    • Pan-cooked pasta with range that cooks anywhere from 2-4mins

    • InstaSteam quick cook durum semolina pasta (5mins cooking time)

  • High Protein Pasta/Vermicelli (semolina and besan based)

Private Label, Gluten-Free:

  • Maize and Brown Rice pasta

  • Red Rice Pasta

  • Besan pasta/vermicelli with 16g protein

Contract Manufacturing, Specialty Pasta

If one of our extensive private label options doesn't work for you, or you want exclusivity over a formulation, we can help understand your requirements and develop a satisfactory pasta or vermicelli product around it. Assuming that your requirements seem feasible, we will agree on a trial at our pilot facility. Based on our experience, this exercise ends up creating a much more desirable product and creates savings for the customer, compared to if they were to go directly for commercial run.

The trials are done on a chargeable basis on our pilot line. We can do wheat based (regular or instant), or gluten-free.

Please contact us to know more.

Payment Terms

Packing material, besides cartons, are typically extra and provided by the customer.

Pasta typically carries 12% GST, Vermicelli carries 5% GST.

Payment is advance for quantities below 10MT/month, and we can provide credit for larger quantities upon repeat business.


We can arrange transport for part load or full load based on customer requirements at a reasonable rate. We also can also provide CIF logistics for any export orders.

Contact Information

Mr. Siddhartha Mohan Singhal

Managing Director

[email protected]