Potato Pellets (Ready-to-Fry)

Made with Italian technology, these ready-to-fry formed potato pellets are made with starch, potato flakes, salt and flavors. These are a highly acceptable alternative to cut potato chips since they maintain the potato flavor and come in different shapes such asextruded(spiral, tube, shell) and sheeted(plain chips, wavy chips). These have a distinct texture and can also be supplied with a flavor sachet for different flavors at point of consumption.

Potato Pellets (Ready-to-Fry)

For manufacturers of potato chips, formed potato pellets also offer an economical substitute to potato chips due to low oil absorbption, longer shelf lives before frying and no effluent waste generation. Upgrade your potato chips business by partnering with Zippy Edibles for private label manufacturing. Our imported extruder and dryer gives you a consistent product with similar expansion rates.

Potato Pellets (Ready-to-Fry)

Why partner with Zippy Edibles for potato pellets?

  • Quality assured with BRC compliance

  • Large scale production at 400kg/hr production

  • Consistent product with imported extruder and dryer

  • Automated packaging for pillow and gusset pouches

  • Pouch-in-pouch capability available

We are Certified

  • BRC food certified
  • FSSAI certified
  • SMETA certified