Vegan Meat and Texturized Proteins

We at Zippy Edibles believe that protein deficiency is a key challenge faced by developing countries. For developed countries where protein deficiency is not a challenge, there is a secular trend to move the protein source from animals to plants. Both developing & developed countries are hence shifting more towards plant-based protein sources. Based on historical trends, every country's protein needs rises with prosperity and a larger proportion of the protein is derived from animal sources. This cannot continue purely for economical reasons, due to culmination of factors such as growing protein needs of growing population, the limits of resources and low protein conversion efficiencies of feed to meat, let alone the environmental and ethical concerns for animal based meats.

Vegan meat patty
Vegan meat patty
Vegan meat curry
Vegan meat curry

Why work with Zippy for Vegan Meat products?

  • Complete facility with High-moisture extruder, coating line, kitchen & storage

  • Cost competitive with animal counterparts

  • Indistinguishable taste and texture

  • Ability to do whole-muscle or formed products in different forms

  • Reliable manufacturer with track record of supplying to leading brands

Product Overview

Current products are Soya and Wheat based, while Pea based are also possible.

No or minimal off-notes for all products

We have formed, whole muscle and intermediate(minced, diced, shreds) availalble for different animal imitations such as chicken, mutton and fish.

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Our facility

  • Production starting in early 2023 at Rudrapur, Uttarakhand

  • World standard Food safety requirements to be met

  • 500kg/hr High moisture extruder with downstream cutting equipment

  • Hot kitchen with ability to make marinated & folded products

  • Complete Continuous Coating Line

  • Various freezers, chillers and cold stores.

We are Certified

  • FSSAI certified
  • SMETA certified