Fortified Rice Kernels

Made using India's first Fortified Rice Kernels(FRK) process patent, our FRK have higher visual and textural similarity to regular rice than competitive products. We also take great care in making sure our FRK is up to the quality standards of our customers as well as regulatory requirements.

Fortified Rice Kernels are made by extruding rice dough mixed with micronutrients into rice shaped kernels, which are then added at 1-2% to regular rice to produce fortified rice.

Due to their similarity to regular rice, FRK are highly acceptable and have shown good promise in fighting common deficiencies. Governments like those in India have made it a policy to introduce Fortified Rice across the country.

Fortified Rice Kernels

What separates Zippy's FRK

  • 36 MT production per day

  • Highly transparent kernel made from process patent

  • Premix bought only from approved suppliers

  • Each batch tested at a NABL certified laboratory

  • Controlled drying and cooking process to reduce losses of micronutrients

We are Certified

  • FSSAI certified
  • SMETA certified