Gluten Free Pasta

After seeing demand for pasta rise and consumer expectations changing, we commissioned a dedicated Gluten-free pasta facility in 2021 with automatic european machinery.

Depending on needs of our client, we can offer pre-formulated products as well as work on customized solutions. Some of our current range includes the following-

  • High Protein Pulses Pasta

  • Brown Rice & Maize Pasta

  • Red Rice Pasta

Shapes available are fusilli, penne, macaroni and rice.

Gluten Free Pasta

How Our Gluten-Free Pasta is made

Our Gluten-free pasta goes through the following steps:

  • Formulation development on our pilot scale plant, with process a close match to our production machine

  • Raw material procurement, including in-house milling of grains

  • Even raw material mixing

  • Dough preparation and cooking to create a firm bite

  • Extrusion through various shaped dies

  • Slow drying to prevent starch damage with humidity control

  • Storage of product in silos for observation

  • Automated Packaging and Dispatch

Our Capabilities

  • Dedicated Gluten-free facility

  • 400kg/hr European machine

  • Pilot plant to conduct trials and improve formulations

  • Automated packaging

We are Certified

  • BRC food certified
  • FSSAI certified
  • SMETA certified
  • Kosher Certified
  • Halal Certified