• Zippy Edibles

    Zippy Edibles

    Made in India for India, Zippy offers a range of products that are especially curated for the Indian taste buds. Zippy products are made with the thinking that food is key to wellbeing, and strives to promote 'Swad Sehat Bhara’

    Products: Vermicelli, Macaroni, Poha, Dalia, Soya Chunks, Papad, Potato Pellets


  • Di Grano

    Di Grano

    Di Grano believes in combing the tradition of consuming a variety of grains with modern culinary techniques to bring on table newer, creative ways of serving goodness.

    Products: Gluten-Free Pasta, Wheat Pasta and InstaSteam Quick Cook Pasta.


  • Fastaah


    Fastaah was conceptualized as a brand to showcase our instant pasta capabilities which are one of its kind in India.

    Products: Cup Pasta, 2-min pasta with various flavors