High Protein Rice

Rice is a staple food in many countries due to its highly liked flavor and adaptability in different cuisines. Unfortunately it lacks in its nutrient profile by being high in carbs, low in fiber and protein; these are common nutrients that customers look to balance in their diets and gaining in importance. Rice are particularly hard to fortify with added protein or fiber. With increasing diabetic rate, consumers are compulsed to avoid eating their favorite rice dishes.

High Protein Rice

Looking at the scope of the problem, we used our extensive knowledge of pasta technology, fortified rice kernels and extruded products to produce extruded rice kernels that taste like rice but are made from healthier grains which can easily double the protein and fiber content of rice, and reduce net carbs. Glycemic load also reduces with these changes.

Our extruded rice kernels are available in both gluten-free and wheat-based grains, and both can be fortified with pulses and millets flours.

High Protein Rice

Why partner with Zippy Edibles for High Protein Rice?

  • Pilot plant available for formulation trials

  • Quality assured with BRC compliance

  • Large scale production at >400kg/hr production

  • Imported machinery

  • Automated packaging for pillow and gusset pouches

We are Certified

  • BRC food certified
  • FSSAI certified
  • SMETA certified